Lee Latchford Evans

Lee Latchford Evans

Lee Latchford-Evans was born on January 28th, 1975 in Chester, England.  He is an English singer, songwriter, and stage actor that came to fame as a member of the British pop group Steps.

In 1997 Lee became a member of the pop group Steps.  The group’s first single “5,6,7,8” was released in 1997 and became a hit both in the UK and internationally.  The song peaked at number 14 on the UK charts.  In 1998 Steps released their third single “One for Sorrow” which peaked at number 2. Their debut album, Step One, entered the chart at number 2 in 1998 and went five times platinum. In 1999 the group released their second album Steptacular.  They traveled to the U.S. to open for Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time tour.  The Spectacular album was certified 4 times platinum.

In 2012 the Lee and Steps went on their Ultimate Tour.  The same year they released their new album called Light Up the World as a compilation of Christmas songs. After a lengthy break, the group reformed in 2017 and released a new album called Tears on the Dancefloor.

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