Chronixx, born Jamar Rolando McNaughton, is a Jamaican born-and-based reggae musician whose lyrics tackle hard-hitting topics like racial equality and ghetto struggles, side by side with universal peace and Bob Marley’s “one love” philosophy. All of his lyrics are very in tune with the beliefs and teachings of Rastafari. Chronixx is the son of famed reggae dancehall artist, Chronicle. His stage name is a derivative of his father’s.

Chronixx’s first album, Hooked On Chronixx, premiered in 2011. It was met with great local success, but didn’t really make international headlines. His second and most recent album, however, was a massive international success. Dread & Terrible, which features the hit single “Here Comes Trouble,” topped the Billboard’s Reggae charts in the US, as well as the Itunes Reggae charts in both the United Kingdom and Japan.

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