Swans is a rock band formed in New York City. They had been active from 1982 to 1997. The band started to work on their music again in 2010. Members of the current group are Michael Gira, Christoph Hahn, Christopher Pravdica, Phil Puleo, Paul Wallfisch, and Norman Westberg.

The song’s debut album, Filth, was released in 1983.  This was followed by Greed/Time is Money (Bastard), White Light from the Mouth of Infinity, Love of Life, The Great Annihilator, Soundtracks For the Blind, Die Tür Ist Zu, Various Failures, and Filth / Body To Body, Job to Job.

After taking a break for a few years, the band went on to release the album Filth / Body To Body, Job to Job. The latest album from Swans is The Glowing Man in 2016.

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