Le1f, born under the name Khalif Diouf on April 6th, 1989 in New York City, New York is a rapper and producer known initially for his production for rap group Das Racist on their breakout track “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”.  He initially studied ballet and modern dance before delving into the Manhattan hip-hop scene where he joined other openly gay rappers, like Zebra Katz and Mykki Blanco, to subvert the genre with bouncing beats and fast paced lyricism.

In 2012 Le1f released his debut mixtape Dark York. The mixtape featured a track entitled “Wut” which went on to challenge industry norms on what rappers should be and received over 3, 500 000 views on YouTube. 2012 saw Le1f perform at CMJ music festival, the release of a joint EP, Liquid, with Boody, and his second mixtape entitled Fly Zone.

In 2013 he released his third mixtape, Tree House, with the single “Hush Bb” receiving over 83, 000 hits on YouTube. Le1f then went on to sign a record deal with Terrible Records. His first studio album, called Riot Boi was released in 2015 and featured guest appearances by JunglePussy, House of Ladosha, and Devonte Hynes.

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