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Yann Tiersen is a French composer and multi-instrumental musician, whose work is divided between the classical and popular spheres of the music world. As a childhood prodigy, he learned piano at age four and violin at age six, going on to receive classical training at Rennes, Nantes, and Boulogne. He switched to guitar later and by his teen years pledged inspiration from bands like Joy Division and The Stooges, joining local punk bands. he also began composing music for soundtracks.

Yann Tiersen’s restless career next led him to record solo performance tracks and release albums on the Sine Terra Firma lable, some of which got selected for soundtracks in the films “The Dreamlife of Angels” (1998, France) and “Amélie” (2001), the latter proving to be a worldwide hit which boasted five songs from Tiersen. Nothing’s been able to hold him back since then, with his wild creativity spawning albums, soundtrack works, and new compositions at a brisk clip.

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