Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes is an alternative band which was formed in 2013 in Newcastle, Australia. This group is made up of Blake Caruso, Kevin Cross, John Floreani, Andrew Hallett, and Jeremy Winchester.

The group self-released Demo 2013 in the year they were formed. The released included the songs “Personal Taste” and “Chacho.” In the same year, Everything Goes Away was also released.

Their debut album Mend, Move On came a year later. This was followed by Chemical Miracle in 2016 and Trophy Eyes’ second album climbed to No. 8 of the Australian Charts. Some of the top songs from the album are Heaven Sent, Nose Bleed, and Counting Sheep. In 2018, the group released another album, The American Dream, which also entered the Australian charts peaking at No. 8.

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