Tom Macdonald

Tom Macdonald

Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988 in Canada. He started dropping albums in 2014, his debut was Lee Ann’s Son. He dropped See You Tomorrow and Dream People & The Whiskey Wars the following year. He was one of the featured artists in Matt Brevner’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

In 2018, he started to gain recognition and he released the album Deathreats which contains 19 tracks. The album includes MacDonald’s singles which went viral such as “Dear Rappers,” “Whiteboy,” “American Dreamz,” and “ Helluvit.” He went on a Helluvit Tout in September of the same year. He has also been active on social media.

He is performed at The Breaks Vol. II in Chicago where the Wu-Tang Clan, Yasiin Bey, Vic Mensa, Talib Kweli, CurrenSy, and Freddie Gibbs will also appear.

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