The Dirty Youth

The Dirty Youth

The Dirty Youth is an alternative band formed in South Wales, the United Kingdom in 2009 and currently signed under Marshall Records. The band is made up of Matt Bond, Freddie Green, Danni Monroe, Luke Padfield, and Leon Watkins.

The debut album of The Dirty Youth, Red Light Fix, was released in 2011. Popular songs from the album include the Last Confession and Rise Up.

The band released the single Last Confession in 2012. This was followed by another single, Requiem of the Drunk in 2013. Alive, another single, dropped in 2014 followed by The One and Just Move on in 2015. The band released another album, Gold Dust, in the same year. In 2018, the Dirty Youth dropped another single Utopia. The band has also performed at festivals such as the Camden Rocks Festival in London and the Download Festival.

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