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The Browning


The Browning is an American electronic band based out of Kansas City, Missouri. The band currently consists of the members Jonny McBee, Brian Moore, Cody Stewart, and Rick Lalicker. The band’s past members include Noah Robertson, Jesse Glidewell, Matt Keck, Brian Cravey, Dustin Albright, Collin Woroniak, Alex Maggard, and Drew Ellis.  The band specialises in the genres of eletronicore, metalcore, deathcore, electronica, dubstep and EDM.

The band originally started as a solo project in 2005 for Jonny McBee. As he began to add members to the group the overall fusion of metal and electronica took shape. In 2008 The Browning released their demo entitled Demo 2008. In 2010 the group released their debut EP called Standing on the Edge. 2011 saw The Browning sign to the label Earache Records and release their first studio album entitled Burn This World.  2011 also brought along another EP for the band called Time Will Tell. In 2013 The Browning released their second studio album entitled Hypernova. After touring for the next 3 years, the band released their third studio album in 2016 entitled Isolation.

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