Spooky Black (Corbin)

Spooky Black (Corbin)

Corbin Smidzik, also known as Spooky Black, Lil’ Spook, or simply Corbin, is a young, new-on-the-scene R&B singer-songwriter, and internet sensation from St Paul, Minnesota. Corbin first gained popularity when his controversial YouTube Video for the song “Without You” first aired in 2014, when he was only fifteen. The video has since been viewed over two million times, catching the attention of celebrities and producers alike.

As a solo artist, Corbin has released one full-length album, entitled “Black Silk.” He is also a member of thestand4ard, along with fellows Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, and Psymun. In 2015, Corbin collaborated with Bobby Raps to produced the Couch Potato EP. Besides the infamous “Without You,” popular songs include “Reason,” and “Idle.”

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