Rusty Anderson

Rusty Anderson

Rusty Anderson was born in 1958 in La Habra, California. He is known to be the lead guitarist for the Beatles member Paul McCartney. He began exploring his musical interests when he was 14.

In 2013, he formed the band Rusty Anderson Afternoon. The first single by the band, “Effortless” was the top hit on Sirius radio’s 20 on 20.

He is one of the featured artists in Russ Irwin’s High and Law which also features Rusty Anderson. He also published the book Calvin Sparks and the Crossing to Cambria in 2014.

In 2003, he released the album Undressing Underwater which includes the songs “Devil’s Spaceship.” He also issued Coming Down in 2007, followed by Born on Earth which contains 11 tracks including the songs “Where Would We Go?” and “These Are the Days.”

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