Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb was born in Maryville, Tennessee on August 22, 1990. He was the second round, a 64th overall pick of the Green Bay Packers in the 2011 NFL Draft. The Green Bay Packers signed him to a four-year contract He serves as the wide receiver of the team and wears shirt No. 18.

He was part of the 2011 NFL All-Rookie Team. He was also a Pro Bowl selectee in 2014. In 2015, he was part of the NFL Top 100 where he was at the No. 100 spot.

In 2015, he signed a $40 million contract with $17 million guaranteed for four years with the Green Bay Packers. Prior to going pro, he went to the University of Kentucky. He was a two-time first-team All-SEC selectee and first-team All-American choice.

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