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Pierce Brosnan was born on May 16, 1953 in Drogheda, Ireland. He started out by working in the circus before training to be an actor at the Drama Centre London. He made his acting debut in the 1975 play Wait Until Dark. He starred in The Red Devil Battery Sign in 1975. In 1982, he starred in the BBC miniseries Nancy Astor. He earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role. After several roles in films in the United States, he was cast as James Bond in 1994, making his debut in the role in 1995’s Goldeneye. His line, “The name’s Bond. James Bond” became popular and expanded the attention to the James Bond franchise. The Thomas Crown Affair (1998) earned Brosnan critical acclaim.

He returned to the role of James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002). His likeness was used in the James Bond video games and starred in the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction (2004). He appeared in Mamma Mia! in 2008 and since then has starred in several commercials that poke fun at his James Bond persona. He most recently won an award at the European Film Academy Achievement in World Cinema Award ceremony in 2016.

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