Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard

Born in April 6, 1937, Merle Ronald Haggard is from Oildale, California. Unfortunately, he died in 2016 during his birthday at the age of 79. He was considered to be among the prominent musicians from the 1960s, becoming a figure of music of Bakersfield country scene. Haggard’s musical influence was his father, who played fiddle in local country bars. However, after his father died, Merle became rebellious.

Still, his love for music set him straight and pursued music. By age of 12, he was able to learn how to play the guitar by listening to records. In 1967, his song “I Threw Away the Rose” became number three. He was the able to land 37 straight Top Ten, with 23 top one singles.

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