Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia is a YouTube influencer who was born on February 8, 1994. She started with the channel TheKarinaBear where she posts DIY and makeup tutorials. She changed her channel to Karina Garcia.

Karina started her channel in 2012, but she only started posting videos in her account in 2015. She amassed a large following in a few months.

She has a twin sister, Mayra Isabel who is also a popular YouTube personality. To date, she has more than 8 million subscribers. One of her life hacks video amassed more than 14 million views.

She also gained more than 27 million views for her DIY nail polish lipstick video and another 25 million views for her 45-kilogram slime stress ball. She released a DIY Slime book which is available in Amazon.

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