Ill Blu is a duo from North West London formed by James Grant and Darius Ellington in 2008.

The first time they made waves was when they released “Frontline” a track by Princess Nyah. They also found massive success when they dropped the Shystie’s “Pull It” remix.

The duo dropped the three-track EP Meltdown in 2011. They released another EP The Blu Magic Project which includes the single “Blu Magic” featuring Max Marshall on 2014.

In 2016, they worked with Jack N Danny and released “Heartbeat” and “Mutha Fuc**A,” “Win or Lose” featuring Ann Saunderson, “So Deep,” and “Antidote” featuring Kahlia Bakosi. The next year, they worked with Glowie on the track “Tribalist (Get To Know).” They also worked with Krept & Konan, Loski, and ZieZie on “Chop My Money” (2018) and the track landed on No. 64 on the UK Charts.

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