He Is Legend

He Is Legend

He Is Legend is a rock group formed in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2003. This band is formed by Schuylar Croom, Jesse Shelley, Adam Tanbouz, and Matt Williams. The band released A Kiss That Killed the One We Love (No One Wins), a demo and was signed to Tribunal Records, a small label.

In 2004, they released the EP 91025. The group eventually went on to sign with Solid State Records and released I Am Hollywood, their debut album, in the same year. The band followed with Black Unicorn, an EO with Classic Cane. The band released their second album in 2006, Suck Out the Poison.

In 2009, He Is Legend released the single “The Primarily Blues” followed by the album It Hates You. The band also released another album Heavy Fruit in 2014 and Few in 2017.

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