Ha*Ash is a Mexican-American pop group formed in 2002 at Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The group consists of sisters Hanna Nicole Perez Mosa, born on June 25th, 1985 and Ashley Grace Perez Mosa, born on January 29th, 1987. The duo plays in the genres of latin pop, pop, rock, and country.

Ha*Ash released their first album in 2002 under the title Ha*Ash. In 2003 the duo released their first single called “Odio Amarte.” The single went into popular circulation in Mexico radio stations. In 2006 Ha*Ash released their second album called Mundos Opuestos. In 2008 the sisters released their third album called Habitacion Doble (Double Room).  The sisters took a small break and then released their fourth album in 2011 called A Tiempo. In 2014 Ha*Ash released the album Hecho Realidad 1F. Their latest release came in 2017 with the album called 30 de Febrero.

Ha*Ash has been nominated for multiple awards throughout their career. They have won two Vevo Certified Awards, two Premios Juventud awards,one Premio Lo Nuestro award, one MTV Award, and one Premios HEAT Award.  The sisters have also leant their talents for voicework for the movies Igor and Sing.

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