Producer/DJ Gramatik was born Denis Jasarevic in Portoroz, Slovenia on October 19, 1984.  He became interested in music as early as age 3, when he would sneak into his older sister’s room to listen to her American funk, R&B, and jazz albums. He studied piano as a child and began producing his own tracks at the age of 13.

Gramatik moved to New York City in 2008, the same year started posting his music on Beatport, where his Dreams About Her EP remained on their Chill Out chart for six months. In July 2008, he released his debut studio album, Expedition 44, with Street Bangerz Vol. 1 following in December. With his following gaining momentum, Gramatik was signed to Pretty Lights Music in 2009.  2011’s Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1 album was his first for the label, followed by the #digitalfreedom EP in 2012, the title a nod to his passionate belief that music should be given away for free.  Also in 2012, Gramatik partnered with fellow producer/DJ GRiZ, forming duo Grizmatik, and released the single “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom.”

In 2013, Gramatik left Pretty Lights to form his own label, Lowtemp Recordings. The Age of Reason, the first from his new imprint, was released in 2014. 2016 brought the release of Epigram, which included appearances by Raekwon, ProbCaus, and Adrian Lau. The latest Grizmatik single, “As We Proceed,” was released in January 2017.  Later in 2017, Gramatik released “Recovery” with Eric Krasno and “Voyager Twins” with Galactic Marvl.

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