Gabi Wilson “H.E.R.”

Gabi Wilson “H.E.R.”

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H.E.R, born Gabriella Wilson on the 27th of June 1997 and is an American singer and songwriter hailing from Vallejo, California.  With an R&B sound and an alternative vibe, she enjoys keeping her identity anonymous and only wants to be represented by her music.  Dropping her debut EP in 2016 , titled H.E.R Volume 1, the music received immediate support from artists such as Wyclef Jean, Usher and Alicia Keys and this turned her into a sensation.

With a sound that sits within the realm of R&B ballads, she has released three EP’s so far, the most recent titled H.E.R Volume 2, The B Sides, released in 2017 and some of her best known songs are Something to Prove, Pigment, Focus, 2 and My Song. In 2017 Wilson was nominated for a Soul Train Music Award.

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