Famous Dex

Famous Dex

Born in September 6, 1993, Famous Dex is legally known as Dexter Gore. He also goes by the name Black Migo Dex, and has a Chicago, Illinois origin. During his early years, he went to school with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk at Robeson High School.

He became a rapper with songs entitled “Bottle After Bottle” and “Try Me (Remix)”. He had his debut mix tape release entitled “Never Seen It Coming” followed by another mix tape called “Dexter’s Laboratory”. His video single “Duh Dummy” became viral and had a 300,000 number of views in just a week.

He dropped the Drippy mix tape in 2016 with the track “Drippy Drippy”. And lately in 2016, he released the “OhhMannGoddDamm” mix tape, including the hit single “Drip from My Walk”.

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