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Bryan Cranston was born on March 7, 1956 in Hollywood, California. His mother was a radio actress and his father was an actor and a boxer, so he was born into a family who worked in the arts. Cranston started out as an actor at the Grenada Theater in California. He started starring in small commercials and got his start in the ABC soap opera titled Loving.

Cranston has made a huge impact in the entertainment world through his acting, producing, and directing. In acting, he is best known for his roles on Seinfeld (1989), Malcolm in The Middle (2000), and Breaking Bad (2008). On the producer/director side of his ever-expanding career, he has worked on projects such as The Handlers (2011), Modern Family (2012), The Office (2012), Sneaky Pete (2015), SuperMansion (2015), Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (2017), and The Dangerous Book for Boys (2018). In 2014, he won an Oscar for his performance in Breaking Bad, as well as several Primetime Emmy Awards. Cranston has even made his way into Broadway, winning a Tony for his performance in All The Way, which was later adapted into a television show which he also starred in.

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