Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller was born in Gainesville, Florida on May 21, 1985. Known as Miller Tome, the Detroit Tigers signed him in the first round in 2006. He was with the Florida Marlins in 2008 and moved to the Boston Red Sox in 2011. He joined Baltimore Orioles then and moved to the New York Yankees.

He was picked in the American League All-Star when he was with the New York Yankees in 2016 and during his time with the Cleveland Indians in 2017. He also received the ALVC Most Valuable Player award from the Cleveland Indians.

The Tampa Bay Rays signed him in June 2017. He was assigned to Princeton Rays than to GCL Rays. He has moved to the Charlotte Stone Crabs then to Hudson Valley Renegades and then back to Charlotte. In 2018, he elected for free agency.

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