Accept are a German band in the heavy metal genre formed in the town of Solingen. The group’s members currently include Wolf Hoffmann, Peter Baltes, Mark Tornillo, Uwe Lulis, and Christopher Williams. The band’s past membership includes 13 people.

The group formed in 1968 under the name Band X, but would later change their name. The group released their first studio album in 1979 called Accept. The year after they released their second album called I’m A Rebel. 1981 saw the release of their next album called Breaker. In 1982 Accept released  the album Restless and Wild.

Accept’s mainstream success came with the release of the album called Balls to the Wall in 1983. The album’s success resulted in  a world tour in 1984. In 1985 the group released the album Metal Heart and then followed it up with an album called Russian Roulette in 1986. The band went on hiatus in 1988. Their full reunion took place in 2010. The albums released after 2010 became Accept’s highest grossing albums to date and includes the likes of Blood of Nations, Stalingrad, Blind Rage and The Rise of Chaos.

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