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Kid Koala’s a DJ born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His real name is Eric Sans. In college he worked as a pub DJ for nearly a decade before he got a record deal with Ninja Tune, his favorite label who he successfully and covertly courted. His debut ScratchHappyLand, released by Ninja Tune in 1997 and he released several more remixes becoming a major member of the Ninja Tune lineup. His first full-length album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was released in 2000. He did a collaboration with the Gorillaz titled ‘Routine’. His follow-up album Some of my Best Friends are DJs was released in 2003 and Live From the Short Attention Span Audio Theater was released in 2005 followed by Mom’s favorite DJ in 2006. Phon-O-Victo was released and in 2007 and the album Space Cadet released in 2011 which was accompanied by a graphic novel with the same title. 12 Bit Blues was released in 2012. In 2016 he arranged a novel event, a bicycle tour involving music and food stops which he called 26 bikes.

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